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Oil Can Bluetooth Speaker

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This Oil Can Bluetooth Speaker will take you back to the good ol' days with its vintage-style design. Fully 3D printed out of high quality ABS, the unique speaker has been designed to the exact dimension of an old oil can, complete with sides printed with Iron-filled plastic for a totally realistic look. Don't let its small size deceive you - it can get really loud and it's tunable for different music styles! Add this stylish piece to your man cave or oil can collection today!

Material & Quality:

Bring your music anywhere with the Oil Can Bluetooth Speaker! Made from strong ABS plastic and expertly rust-treated sides, this Bluetooth speaker is sure to turn heads. Plus, its hand-sanded design and clear-coated finish guarantee durability and a look that's truly unique! 


  • Just like the pictures - Labels just like in the pictures. Contact us for small color changes. Ex. different color 
  • Custom - Contact us to discuss the paint theme. ****Additional charges may apply depending on airbrush time and design******


  • 4"  Aluminum cone subwoofer - gives it a nice deep bass. 
  • 4" Dual mid/highs speaker - loud clear vocals. 
  • Powerful 200 watts Bluetooth amplifier.
  • Subwoofer insulation for deep bass.
  • Line in plug for wired connection. 
  • Long battery life 8+ hours on full volume. 
  • 12-24v charging *(Wall charger included)*
  • Built In charging bank for your phone.
  • Control panel in the back. 
  • All electronics are completely serviceable.

What's included?

  • Bluetooth speaker 
  • Wall charger
  • Car charger

How long will production take?

This Speaker is constructed to order with an estimated lead time that varies according to demand. Enjoy quality audio with a distinctive design, boasting a carefully crafted speaker for maximum sound performance.

Current lead time is approximately: 2 - 3 weeks


If there is any problem with your speaker contact us for Service Number. You will have to ship the speaker for service work.


We take pride in our products and when a problem occurs we want to make it right. Zeus3D will accept returns for this product if it is damaged or unusable due to quality of workmanship. We will not accept returns for products damaged by normal use, wear and tear or customer modifications. However if you have an issue that we can help fix for you please reach out to us and let's see what we can do. 

International shipping available just contact us.