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    High temperature large scale 3D printing, 3D scanning and CAD design. We also offer Carbon fiber skinning and Airbrushing. Specializing in custom car parts and accessories.

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  • Materials we use

    High quality ABS, ASA, Polycarbonate, Nylon, CF Nylon, PEEK and other engineering grade materials.

    Pushing the limits on post print process.


  • carbon fiber

    Jobs we do

    Future product design and prototyping

    Small batch manufacturing

    Completely custom jobs

    Remaking discontinued old parts

    Much more just contact us

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Mobile 3D Scanning

Ship us your item for 3D scanning or if it is too big for shipping, we offer completely mobile 3D scanning service. We can come to your business, house or anywhere local to you and 3D scan your project. If you are interested, just contact us to discuss it.

High Temperature 3D printing

We offer high temperature large scale 3D printing. We use state of the art high temperature machines, utilizing water cooling and heated chambers to ensure strong parts. We mainly use ABS, ASA, PC, CFNylon, PEEK and many more.

Custom Orders

Do you have a idea that you always wanted to create but you didn't know where to start with 3D design and prototyping? We are here to help. We can discus what material would be the best for the application and what manufacturing process would be most cost officiant for you

Carbon Fiber Skinning

We offer carbon fiber skinning on our 3D printed products, as well as, on existing parts that are send to us. We use high quality marine grade epoxy and large selection of carbon fiber. Automotive 2K clear coat is the finishing step in our process. All products that we skin have a life time warranty.


Over 20+ years of experience in airbrushing. If you can dream it, we can make it happen. Full custom art ideas are more then welcome. There is huge variety of colors using a matrix system and inspire airbrush paint and cleared with automobile 2K clear coat.

Manufacturing Services

We offer Small batch manufacturing services to customers. Contact us to discus your project.

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